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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  November 14, 2011 9:00am-10:00am PST

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a house throws away his wife's wedding ring. >> my heart sunk. >> don't you just go through the trash and get it back out? >> you would -- but, brian had taken the trash out to the dumpster. >> oh, my goodness. >> hear about his epic journey to get it back. if osama bin laden hadn't have been captured, i would have picked this guy. >> witnesses are stunned by a brutal beat-down on a public street. >> the fight is between an officer and a regular man. >> excessive force or something else? see the video that launched an investigation. will this invention help you
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a, rob a bank, b, keep you from catching a cold? or c, keep your clothes clean? we'll reveal the reason behind the veil. damian walters is like a human springboard. >> see free-running stunts so cool, they don't look real. >> he just defense through a car, a truck. is that "caught in a bad romance"? or just caught in a bad performance. >> why are they in a doll house? >> hear what happened to this chinese troop when the curtain came down. we kick off today's show with the story of a husband who is in deep trouble. and nick, you have it for us. >> you have a beautiful ring on that your husband gave you, i'm sure you cherish it. >> i like it. >> do you ever take it off? >> i do take it off when i shower, because i'm afraid it would go down the drain. >> anna of florida handed it to her husband, brian, when she got into the shower.
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brian had some trash in his hand. in a thoughtless moment, walked owe over and threw the trash and the ring into the trash can. >> the look of horror in my wife's eyes, my heart sunk. >> don't you go through the trash and get it back out? >> you would, but brian had taken the trash out to the dumpster. >> oh, my goodness. >> you jump in the dumpster and go through the dumpster trash. >> he would have dumpster-defense, but the trash man had already come. >> oh! >> they missed the dumpster by ten minutes. >> this is like something from a sitcom or something. >> and guess where brian went next? >> the dump. >> the dump. >> i was lifting chairs out of the way, broken glass, other sanitary items i don't want to get into. but it was -- horrific to say the least. >> he said he puked a little because of the smell. but he eventually came upon the
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ring. >> how do you find it in a trash dump? if osama bin laden hadn't have been captured, i would have sent this guy. >> i would have worked close to this giant trash site in pompano beach, florida. it's enormous and it stinks like nothing you've ever smelled in your life. the fact that he did that, he's apretty good husband. >> he's my absolute hero. >> he shouldn't have thrown it out in the first place, mindless man. >> first of all, i'm not in charge of the ring any more. >> it's a dramatic animal rescue in africa and "right this minute," we've got the pictures. we saw the story on national this is in zambia, and an african elephant and its baby believed to be two and a half years old, were in the kapani lago lagoon. which this time of year, is an area that's dry and sticky. what we're see something a baby and a mother duck in this mud. the baby elephant got stuck
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first. the mom went in to get him out of there and they both struggled and struggled and then got themselves stuck. wildlife officials and conservationists debated on whether to save these two animals, because it was a natural occurrence. they eventually decided they are going to try to save these elephants. they came to the rescue, it was a two-hour battle for these guys against heat, dehydration, the mud was rapidly drying. which made it even more difficult. now even while the people were trying to save the baby, the mother was still fighting the people off with her trunk because she was trying to protect the baby. you see they've got a rope tied around the baby. and they would pull the baby out, they would get him to safety and woe run back to the mom. the third time was a charm. they got the baby elephant out and in this picture you see that's apparently his herd cousin. who was calling out to him. but saving mom wasn't so easy. they had to bring in a tractor. when they brought the tractor in, the mother actually wrapped
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her trunk around the rope and started pulling the tractor. she managed to pull that heavy tractor there three feet. two hours later, they were able to get this mother elephant out of the mud. and as you can see, she still had enough strength to gallop to run out of there, back to the herd. >> i'm so glad they chose to save them. the strange thing about this video is the fight is between an officer and just a regular man. the man is chris irwin, the officer is lieutenant david hudson. this is taking place in little rock, arkansas. now, according to reports, what happened was chris irwin was trying to enter a restaurant where a private party was taking place. and he was asked to leave. so lieutenant david hudson, he was an off-duty police officer, kind of moonlighting as a security guard, got involved in the situation. there are four different punches to this guy's face, he's got him by the back of the head. here comes the first punch to the face. here comes the second punch to the face.
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and the third and the fourth. >> geez. >> you can hear people in the background saying stop, stop. >> the cops are trying to figure out if this officer was in the right or in the wrong. >> does this guy swing back? >> it doesn't seem to be that he's fighting back. he seems to be complying. >> what was said? was irwin resisting? >> that's what is under investigation. people who were here around the camera as it was being shot say no. >> he had to have been doing something really wrong. >> stop, stop! >> we have chris irwin, the man who was hit, we have his attorney, keith hall, with us via skype "right this minute." what do you believe happened? >> i believe that mr. irwin went into a restaurant that was open for business. >> what actually led them to this confrontation? >> he was inside. he was on the dance floor with his girlfriend. the officer comes up to him and says, hey, you need to leave. he closes his tab. when he gets out on the curb, he
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wants to ask the officer why was he asked to leave. and that's what you see. he was never arrested. >> what kind of injuries did your client sustain from this incident? >> his eye swelled shut. he had to get three stitches in his cheek. >> what the police have said in little rock, arkansas, is this -- the video that was released and shown of the arrest that night is only a brief fraction of the entire event that happened. rather than jump to conclusion and assumption of what is right and wrong, we should all allow the investigation into the entire incident to take place. >> stop! stop! >> hey! this video, i am not kidding, makes me say -- what are you bleeping thinking? this is what looks to be at a mall. and you see a woman hunched over at what seems to be one of those
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vending machines. where you put in the money and it's one of those stuffed animals. >> the crane thing? >> the crane. >> there's no chance to get it. >> what this woman is trying to do is push her daughter -- through the opening of the vending machine, so she can go in there and grab the money attached to the prizes. >> oh, my god, she's in there. >> she's inside. >> how do we know that the kid didn't go up in there by herself and get stuck? >> if you see part of the video, it looks like she's pushing the kid in. >> somehow does she think she's going to get the kid out now? is she going to have to play the game and get the crane. >> i don't want to believe she pushed her kid up in there. i want to believe that the kid went in there and she's trying to get her out. >> you can clear le see her pushing. >> you can think the mom would
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be frantic to call the mall security officials to get the kid out. >> sorry, nick. >> i'm going go for she was not -- i don't know. >> you're attempt for being a softie in this particular case? fail. >> i've never seen you attempt to be a softie and this is where you choose? >> i feel like being nice on a monday morning. when we see romantic comedies set in new york, oftentimes we see a carriage ride. it's synonymous with romance in new york. well some new yorkers want to get rid of them. and this is the reason why. >> awkward, just -- oh, oh no. >> luke is one of the horses that pulls one of the carriages and he collapsed just over a week ago. in new york city. apparently he tripped on his harness. >> aw. i hate to see this. >> when i lived in new york, i used to see oftentimes groups of
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people shouting and almost protesting these guys who give the carriage rides. >> as you can see in the last video, a better image of luke the horse, they were eventually able to get him upright. >> i want to know if the horse is going to continue working right now. >> aspca, when they went in and they checked on luke he was cleared to work. >> i don't have a problem with the carriage horses, as long as they're being treated properly. as long as they're not being overworked for you know, for real long hours in a day. and as long as they're stables are clean and they're being fed. i've always wondered, these animals weren't made to stomp on pavement, on cement streets. >> we have to remember, horses were what we used, our chief mode of transportation before we had cars. and there were cobblestone streets back then and horses pulling carriages. >> horses are such regal, majestic animals. and it breaks your heart to see this.
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>> look at that on top of the cath us. cath "us." >> it is an animal and we're going to show you how it gets down and on top of that bar, a dog, drinking. >> leave your damn dog at home. take your girlfriend out for the night. leave the damn dog alone. >> a story about the night life. the heart on the x-ray isn't where it's supposed to be. how to move it. >> pothole saves the day. >> one little girl's road to recovery on "right this minute."
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steven, i know how much you love cats. i wanted to show you this video. we found this from our good friends at abc 15 in phoenix, arizona. this took place at suaro lake. see a shot of a very tall cactus, what do you see on top of the cactus?
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>> it's an animal. >> it's a cat. >> that's a duck cat. >> that's a dumb cat. >> it's a brave cat. >> it climbed up a cactus. >> this cat was stuck on top of this giant cactus. >> uh-huh. >> for three days. >> wow. >> and then figured out how to get down on its own. >> it was up there for three days. >> yeah. >> and eventually -- >> this is how i get down. i could -- >> so again not the smartest cat. >> but a brave little guy. >> but not the smartest. >> just say -- >> not necessarily the brightest cat. >> just say it's a dumb cat. >> not the sharpest prickle on the cat meter. this is coming to us in north london this is the mucky pup pub. this pup is lapping up a drink. it caters to four-legged
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customers and your two-legged customers, and hang out. >> so many people in london, adults now, to find somewhere where you can eat where they can eat. where you can find out in an atmosphere. >> not only that, a recent report from report from cga says there are 29 pubs in the area per week closing their doors. places are doing anything they can. and this is a place where you know, you don't have to worry about your dog, because you can bring them along. >> it's think it's awful. >> leave your damn dog at home. take your girlfriend out for the night. leave the damn dog at home. >> stop. if those were cats and not dogs, you'd be all over it. >> no, i don't need the cat out drinking beer with me, having martinsis on the bar. >> do those cocktails have alcohol in them? >> think about how much fun this would be. you take your dog out for a walk, it's a nice night for a
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beer. you sit down and have a beer and your dog has a poochy cocktail. >> i don't want my dog eating on the table with me. >> the one dog looks like it got the garnish. >> hey, just eating the garnish, that's all. >> china satellite channel hunan tv recently had their mid autumn festival gala. >> so it starts off with some girls in ballerina skirts. and they're playing on cool glass instruments. that's not even the real performance. ♪ ♪ >> why are they in a doll house? >> all i can tell you is this a group of senior citizens choir people singing lady gaga's "bad romance." >> "bad romance" from lady gaga?
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or bad choreography? because this is horrifying. ♪ ♪ >> according to the shanghai blog, this he replaced the chorus lyrics that originally read. ♪ i want your love, love, love ♪ with ♪ busy, busy, busy >> i guess they sing this song as an ode to their children who left home. >> if you think you've seen it all, i want to show you the highlight of the video, which is towards the end. ♪ ♪ >> this image is becoming so iconic, they're even making t-shirts out of it. if you want to see more of this website, head over to our website, which is
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>> tomorrow on "right this minute." she wanted to be a wwe professional wrestler. she sacrificed everything for it. tomorrow, see how it all turns out. right here on "right this minute." and don't forget, you can find and share all kinds of videos at and here's what's coming up next -- >> a new accessory that retailers are willing to hand out. >> fake. >> it looks weird, but we'll tell you the thinking behind this department store freebie. and this dog has expensive tastes. >> so mad. >> like i -- i would have to get rid of the dog. how much did this pup chew up?
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i believe this video is in our favorite country for videos. >> russia? >> russia. jackpot. a couple of guys here, they are bringing these big containers by this dump truck. that is filled with sand. the guys in the window -- they're filling it they're talking about what these guys on the ground are about to do. i think their goal here is to back the truck up, then dump the truck so the sand falls into these boxes. so they back the truck up. this guy giving them the old yup, yup, come on back, come on back. eventually the guy is like, okay, you're good. raise the dump. they're raising the dump and the sand, not coming out. they're trying to just jos it will enough to fill up these two boxes.
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but i think they, did a little too much. >> yeah. >> shovels probably would have been a lot easier. the guys filming this are laughing. this is kind of knew what was going to happen. >> i think they were seeing into the future. anyone i know much less anyone you know, okay? >> this is derrick. derrick is -- been disrespected, on xbox live by black faction. and derrick decided to make this video to get back at the people disrespecting him. on xbox live. >> you better think twice before you disrespect me. because honestly? some things you and the boys would never do. >> real tough. keep in mind, this smack talk is all over a video game. >> i could flash my guns around a little bit.
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>> so -- dude lets one fly in his house. by accident. real? or fake. >> i think the actual accidental shot might be real. but if you did fail like this thug did, why keep the video and then upload it somewhere where somebody can get it on the internet? >> that's what i was thinking. >> we got the mack, you so he more videos than bob sagett. tell me what you think about this one? >> i've got to tell you this dude's fake. he ain't a thug like me. >> what about the shot itself? real or fake? >> no, that dude, he's working with a cap gun. you know. real g's? we use these, you know? >> what else do you guys have on yboz world that is hot right now? >> fresh new art videos starring my man ron english. >> mack, thnks for shedding some inside gangster knowledge on this one. >> yeah, i always keep it one hundred.
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when you're wearing makeup and you go shop iping. >> well this australian company called face it, created these scars that you can use to do this. >> tie the scarf securely at the back of the head. try on the garment. and then remove face it for viewing. >> you know what that makes me think of? it makes me think of those little cut-off stocking they have in the shoe department. where if if you don't have any socks on or panti hose on, this is what you do. >> it's like a face footie. >> after reviewing, replace face it as before. tuck the point of the scarf inside the top, and remove the garment. >> i feel like i want it to be a shower cap or something i just
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put on, i don't have to tie it or tuck things. >> their intentions are great. you don't want to damage the garment you're trying on and you don't want your makeup to get ruined. >> are they suggesting that people buy these or are they going to be bought by the store? >> in australia, a lot of retailers already have them and provide them to their customers. >> they're hygienic, cheap and disposable. i want to introduce you to the kitty-cam. it's from the friends of felines rescue center in defiance, ohio. it runs 24/7. and you can watch these cats in this room just doing their cat stuff. >> you need some hobbies, beth. >> i do not need a hobby, there's a great cat story i want to tell you about. let had me introduce you to bella the brave. she only has three legs. when bella was a kitten, she was hit by a car, partially paralyzed and had one of her
9:26 am
legs removed. to tell us about it, we have jackie moss, "right this minute" via skype. >> in addition to bella being three-legged, her other rear leg and her tail have some paralysis. but we've never treated her like she's handicapped and she just does really well. >> what prompted you guys to start this kitty cam that people can watch? >> we just love all of these kitties and wanted to share them with everyone. >> how many cats do you have in there, and are they there permanently? or do you try to adopt them out? >> our main object is to adopt out. we work at anywhere from 80 to 110. >> about how many people watch your cats? >> we've had over one million viewers so far. probably at any given time there's probably like 250, to sometimes close to 400. >> i know what steven is going to be doing during all his breaks now. >> i'm on it right now. >> the kitty-cam. she's a blogging mortician,
9:27 am
that's causing a buzz on the internet. >> i think people like death. >> why is steven laughing? how fast is this thing going? >> 46 2 miles per hour. >> no way! >> yes, way. and we'll show you this speed run from just about every angle. to switch to a medicare plan,
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hello, everyone, i'm beth troutman and we're back with more "right this minute." a little girl's heart is in her throat. how did it get there? and more importantly, how did it get out? >> we hit a pothole. dogs love to eat all kinds of things. >> this one ate a big wad of cash. hear how his owner got it back. >> ooh. this makes you rethink touching your money whenever it
9:30 am
changes hands. ha do we know about new york? real estate is high. >> you pay a lot and you get just a little bit. >> see how the origami apartment turns your little into a lot. what do you get when you have a go pro camera and one energetic dog? >> a video that shows just how hard that dog will hold on to this stick. welcome back, everybody, i have a medical story for you that might be a bit surprising. take a look at this x-ray. this is of an 8-year-old kentucky girl. and you see right in the middle of the x-ray -- there's a heart-shaped locket. now this was a two and a half-centimeter heart-shaped locket. >> i was trying to put my hair up and i had my locket in my mouth and he was making me laugh, so i was laughing at the same time. and when i went up like that, it just went down my throat. >> so she goes to a hospital in kentucky, which is where she's from. and they said she should go to
9:31 am
cincinnati children's hospital to deal with this issue. this early girl is in a tremendous amount of pain with this locket lodged in her esophagus. >> on the car ride from st. elizabeth hospital to the children's hospital in cincinnati, her mom is driving, pretty quickly. >> we hit a pot hole, and -- she looked at me and said, oh, mom, i feel better. >> unbelievable. >> it went down? >> she wallowed the locket all the way down into her stomach so that she no longer wag have been the choking feeling. she was then able to breathe again. this is the next x-ray that is taken and you can see, that the heart-shaped locket is now in her stomach. >> pot hole saves the day. pot hole usually ruins your day. >> that's usually what you would think would swallow it. she has it in her mouth and they're driving the car and then she swallow it is. >> but the little girl is incredibly hilarious about how she's going to get her locket
9:32 am
back. >> she said the old fashioned way, digging for hidden treasure. >> and maybe i'll get a new necklace because i'm not going through that treasure. >> getting people to go out and vote has always been sort of difficult, not only in this country, but also in russia. here's a new p.s.a. encouraging people to vote. >> the hot chick shows up to a polling place and he gives her the eye. >> so the girl steps out. booth for a second and yanks the guy going in. a little something going on in the voting booth. the looks of what just happened in there. they come out, a little disshelved, about going into the box at the same time and that's translated as -- let's do it together. >> hee hee hee. >> this is the russian's idea of get out the vote. >> i've been noticing videos of all of these girls in bikinis talking about, i love vladimir
9:33 am
putin. they're probably capitalizing on the sexiness that they think surrounds vladimir putin. >> this party is the predominant party in russia, putin's party. people saying this video isn't going do help him. a member of the opposition party a just russia, is calling for an investigation on the video, they say the ad is promoting rule-breaking of going into the booth together. especially with the slogan, let's do it together. >> it's an ad, i don't think they're mirroring real life here. >> imagine the poor idiots that think this really happens and he goes to the poll place thinking that something is going to happen. >> where is girl? where is girl? dogs love to eat. all kinds of things. most of the time we can forgive them. except for this couple, it was a little hard. >> oh, no! >> this is twitty, and he ate his owner's $1,000.
9:34 am
in $100 bills. >> i would be so mad, i -- i would have to get rid of the dog. >> that's what a lot of people are commenting on the story. but the owners kind of were at fault. they left an envelope with money on their countertop and left the dog in their house with the money on the counter. >> it sounds like the dog need some training. what's the dog doing up on the counter? >> the story doesn't end there. when the owner came home and saw all kinds of bits and pieces of $100 bills on the floor, he realized this dog ate it. took peroxide, made the dog drink it. the dog vomits the bankroll and the owner continues to pull the $100 bills out of the vomit. >> it was still not real to me. even though i had dug through vomit all afternoon. >> they are able to salvage $900 of the $1,000 that he ate. >> then i wouldn't get rid of the dog. >> it makes you rethink
9:35 am
touching -- your money. whenever it changes hands. i mean you might get $100 that's been soaked in dog vomit. >> yeah. >> got it from the atm, this money came from a dog's stomach. >> and could be at an atm near you now. a lot of people are afraid of death. or to talk about it, because they don't really know what happens after they die. mortician kaitlyn seeks to demystify what we westerners think about death and she has a website where people can -- >> ask a mortician. >> how long does rigor mortis last? a little morticians commentary on rigor mortis, it's really not messing around. oh, it's just a little harder to move than usual. it's like -- approximately 36 to 72 hours. >> to answer our questions about death, and her blog. we go to kaitlyn, "right this
9:36 am
minute" via skype. your blog or your website is gaining popularity. why do you think that is? >> i think because people like death. i think whether or not they admit it or whether or not they're aware of it, you know, it's something that's going to happen to all of us. so it's kind of a general interest. it's the most general interest there is. in the world. >> what is, in your opinion, the strangest question you were ever asked? >> i've got some pretty good ones recently. i had one girl ask me if it's possible to make jewelry out of arteries and tendons. while you're cremating, if you put popcorn in body, will it pop? >> what? >> they're not crazy. because i think the people asking them are absolutely sincere and i think they're good questions. >> tell us the story about how your mom realized that you -- tended towards the macabre? >> when i was young i used to come up with really elaborate
9:37 am
scenarios of how i was going to die. mother, if i went to the edge of the cliff and my little foot slip and i sort of plummeted off the edge, would you be sad? and my mother was like, oh, yes i would be sad. don't do that. >> so she wasn't surprised by your career choice? >> no, no one was surprised by my career choice. >> how are other morticians reacting to this? >> it's been really positive so far. there's one guy who has written me hateful messages. mortuary science and humor do not mix and never the twain shall meet. but other than that guy, everyone has been incredibly positive. we know by now how the siri feature works on our iphones. you ask siri a question, she helps you out. now a few guys have figured out a way to get siri to read your mind. >> ooh! >> it filters down through this wire here and the signal to the
9:38 am
presaged digital pattern. >> a lot of technical mum bo jumbo. but at the end the guy thinks to call somebody. i think i'm going to call beth and the phone will call beth. >> what? >> hey. >> no way. >> he calls the goo that's sitting right next to him. his friend. just by thinking, call graham. >> it's not doing it. >> come on. >> think harder, come on. >> calling josh. >> real? this is real? >> i can't tell. they could just, they could have rigged up their phone. >> this just a video online right now. but pretty freaky. if it is real. >> but this just seems like there's not enough technology involved here. >> right. >> exactly. i think it's possible and i agree with you guys that just a couple of things stuck to your forehead -- what the heck do i know.
9:39 am
>> zach, our tech expert is here to explain this. how the heck does this thing work. >> this brain wave is connected to this command. you'll record something that you're thinking. this brain wave means call someone. >> they train it before. they train this system before it's a react in a certain way. >> right. so can you put this thing on and it won't just read every thought that you have. it's that it's preprogrammed to recognize some thoughts. >> god, i want it. >> to be real. i think. >> calling john. now this is what we call a small apartment. a 450 square-foot studio. >> but this guy fits four roomses into this one-room space. we'll tell you how he did it. and art makes itself. the secret behind these little and art makes itself. the secret behind these little creations.
9:40 am
keurig has a wide variety of gourmet coffee and tea to choose from. keurig is the way to brew fresh, delicious coffee in under a minute. way to brew. so with keurig, every cup tastes like it's brewed just for you. because it is.
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a guy named michael dickie and a team of scientists at north carolina state university have figured out how to make origami, if you will, using nothing but infrared light. you see the black lines there. the thicker the line, the more energy it absorbs, so the sharper the angle of the fold so that you can make different designs. as soon as they put the infrared light along the materials, you see it fold up exactly where the
9:43 am
lines are drawn. >> i know that black absorbs light, kind of like a black hole. but it takes the fun out of origami, that's the one thing i remember about second grade, was folding everything and trying to make a crane. >> they're saying the cool thing about this technology is that it can be used with current printer technologies that are available to everybody. >> steven, you lived in new york. >> yes. >> what do we know about new york? real estate is high. >> yes, you pay a lot and get just a little. >> we found this story on fair eric bought a 450 square-foot studio for $235,000. >> woo, that's not very big. >> that's what the parkt looked like before. >> he hired a group of architects from the architecture firm, normal projects to maximize this space. it created this cabinet that housed everything you need. for four full-sized rooms. >> perhaps the most interesting feature is the bed. >> whoa. >> it's a murphy bed. >> murphy bed.
9:44 am
they also have his closets. >> this part of the bed can be kept this way to provide darkness and privacy. this pushes in. >> and then -- this serves as a desk at this point. >> his guest room/kitchen/dining room/living room/lounge. a book shelf, closet space. if he has friends over, he's got all the space he needs to entertain up to 12 people. >> he's making use with that tiny little space. >> and he can live happily ever after. all you gear heads out there including this guy, christmas has come a little early with this next video. check it out. >> what you just saw whizzing by the camera was the speed demon. this thing was created by a streamliner. >> this video, they got this thing up to what they are saying was 462 miles per hour. >> no way.
9:45 am
>> what makes it even cooler is the speed demon is rigged up with a bunch of these replay cameras, which they say are the smallest and lightest self-contained cameras out there on the market. now you get a firsthand look from a bunch of different angles here. you're on the front of the car. it's almost like a dock pitt. you're like in there with the driver. >> this one is from the rear bumper. it looks like the truck was pushing it along to get more speed. >> these kinds of vehicles are geared so high. it's hard to them to get going. they give them a big shove with a truck like that. >> this is a view of the racer, you can see his eyes. you can see his face as he's whizzing along at this crazy high speed. like there he's just -- something's in the way. i got to fix my visor. >> there's a cool perspective to say from the back of the car and you see the parachute shoot out. >> i think it's cool that this thing is going super-fast and we're getting to see it from so many different angles.
9:46 am
there was a tire, he got stuck. it sucked. >> you thought, how the heck did this thing get on his head? >> the story behind skywalker and the 50-pound tire. and -- bet you can't do this. all i can say is -- this is darn good video. more of it, after the break.
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this story will serve as a reminder to people to don't dump stuff, especially if it's not your property, and especially if there are animals around. this is skywalker, an 800-pound rodeo bull. he lives on a ranch in maui, and somebody dumped a tire there. they don't know how it happened. but skywalker got his head stuck in the tire. it was -- >> oh. >> it was stuck there for 20 hours. since he's a rodeo bull. they couldn't approach him until he got tired. well to tell us about the situation is the owner of skywalker and the ranch, paige dupont "right this minute," via skype. apparently these tires are a big problem for you guys there. tell us about that. >> with the increase in population in maui and the decrease in places to dump garbage, people are getting stuck with these tires. and they come and dump loads of them. it's kind of funny at first, but then you thought, how the heck
9:50 am
did this thing get on his head. >> paige, do you know about how much that tire weighed? >> it probably weighed about 50 pounds. by the end of the day, he couldn't even move. he with as just exhausted. my ranch hand, he got on his back. and basically used his to gently pry this off. >> he's never been ridden for longer than eight seconds. >> he's never been ridden for a full eight seconds. he was so exhausted by carrying around this heavyweight all day. he just let him sit on top of him. the first time he's ever really been ridden. >> what kind of response have you gotten from the community from this video. >> it's the talk of maui. again the same problem lies, where do we take these videos. damian walters is like a human springboard. this is his 2011 show reel. consider it a resumé tape. and seeing is believing. >> whoa.
9:51 am
what? >> whoa. wow! >> why isn't he on the u.s. olympic team? >> well, damian lives in england, he's a champion gymnast. won all sorts of rewards, he was retired from gymnastics. and decided to get into -- stunts. >> he just defense through a car, truck. that's how he gets the paper in the morning. this is how he gets into bed. >> oh, honey. >> i love this guy. >> he makes it look so easy. >> yeah, he's fluid with some of the tricks that he does. >> oh my gosh! >> he moves he does, doesn't
9:52 am
even feel real. like the human body shouldn't be able to do the stuff that he's doing. >> he's -- did you see that? all of his clothes were flying off. he's one of the most-watched free runners on youtube. his videos have a total of over 40 million views. you want to see more of him running amuck? go to >> did you ever want to see a game of fetch from the stick's perspective? well, now you can. right after this break.
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welcome to latvia. where construction projects aren't always completely thought through. we're inside a car, turning left, you go down the street and -- instead of taking the
9:56 am
poles out, they -- cobbled around the poles. and it's not like you're not supposed to drive down the street because there's clearly other cars. can you imagine making that turn? and all of a sudden being like, wait. >> imagine when the genius decided this was okay to do this. like, hey, what should we do with these poles? >> just paint around. >> or i kind of thing there's some explanation over someone's stupidity. >> these are on the sidewalk. here or there and those ones are over there. >> they just decided to leave them up until people hit there. and took them down. >> they don't have to take them down. just wait until people drive into them. knock them down and they clean up the mess. >> what do you get when you have a go pro camera and one energetic dog? a really cute video. this is somebody's dog and he mounts a camera on a stick.
9:57 am
hands it to the dog and this is the dog running around with it in his mouth. >> look at the dog's eyes. or his eye, i should say. >> go over here, go over there. >> how about over there. >> is this dog named shifty-eyed pete? >> when we get to the end of the video and they're trying to -- approach the dog. that's what's really funny. because the dog is not having it. he tries to stop it. he's like, i'm not ready to stop. oh, wait, i'm going to take a little rest. >> he's not ready to let go. >> he's got to get a little tug of war in before he gives up. >> look at that it looks so smooth and can you explain why it looks so smooth? >> the dog has got it permanently in his mouth and his head is just on a swivel, so off he goes. >> you can't watch that for too long and get a little dizzy.
9:58 am
>> he's cute. >> he is a cute little guy. but he was ready to keep running with that stick and that ball, he wasn't ready to give it up. well that wraps up our show for this monday. we're going to leave you with a look at the brand-new trailer for the movie, "snow white and the huntsman." it stars kristen stewart and the huntsman." it stars kristen stewart and charlize theron. -- captions by vitac -- >> do you hear that? it's the sound of battles fought and lives lost. ♪ ♪ >> it pains me to know that i am the cause of such destruction.
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